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Consolidation Soil Testing

Consolidation Soil Testing

Consolidation testing can be handled with either our manual loading machine, the HM-1100A or one of the pneumatic loading machines, the HM-2432A.3F or HM-2470A.

Dead-Weight Consolidation Frame – HM-1100A

Able to survive in even the harshest laboratory environments, the HM-1100A will provide you with reliable service day-in and day-out. The design features a rugged frame design manufactured from aluminum with stainless steel vertical rods, horizontal cross arms and beam support rods. The load arm incorporates 9:1, 10:1, and 11:1 beam ratios for greater flexibility and loading weight requirements. Using the 10:1 ratio on 2.5" (63 mm) diameter samples, the system is capable of producing load up to 48 tsf (4,597 kPa).

Features include:

  • Triple beam ratios minimize loading weight requirements
  • 48 tsf (5,148 kPa) maximum load capacity
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and long life
  • Wide range of consolidation cells available in fixed ring, floating ring, permeability and backpressure designs
  • Loading weights available in both, tsf and kg versions
  • Available with standard mechanical dial gauges, digital indicators or with strain transducers (LSCT) coupled to one of our data loggers

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Con-Matic Consolidation Machine – HM-2432A.3F

Compact and easy-to-use, the HM-2432A.3F pneumatic consolidation load frame is used to estimate the rate and amount of settlement anticipated for a proposed structure. The unit applies loads instantly without impact for stress-controlled consolidation testing; and, maintains the load regardless of sample compression. Its small footprint saves valuable lab counter space while maintaining its versatility by supporting fixed ring, floating ring, or permeability cells. Available with standard mechanical dial gauge, digital indicators or with strain transducers (LSCT) coupled to one of our data loggers. Meets ASTM D2435, D4546; AASHTO T216; BS 1377 part 5.

Features include:

  • Highly sensitive and accurate in lower load ranges
  • Integral digital readout simplifies checking applied load and setup of predetermined load
  • Adjustable upper cross beam
  • Instantaneous loading without impact
  • Flexible load choice
  • Not sensitive to shock
  • Choice of English or Metric models

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See product listing for HM-2432A.3F in the Humboldt Online Store

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