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Soil Lab

Soil Testing Field Testing Equipment

Humboldt provides a complete line of soil testing equipment for all your on-site applications.

We carry Nuclear Gauges and the NEW, Nuclear-Free Electrical Density Gauge for Compaction and Moisture/Density Control, as well as the GeoGauge for measuring Compaction Uniformity and Stiffness.


The Electrical Density Gauge (EDG) is a portable, battery-powered, nuclear-free alternative for determining the moisture and density of compacted soils used in road beds and foundations.

Density Gauge

Easy-to-operate gauge features a menu-driven control panel with built-in test routines and auto features.


Reliable and accurate measuring of dielectric value (er), electrical conductivity (J) and temperature of materials indoors and outdoors.

Dual-Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Features an exclusive easy-grip hammer that provides a finger perch machined into the back side of the hammer flange.

Shelby Tubes

Useful for collecting soils that are particularly sensitive to sampling disturbance, including fine cohesive soils and clays.

Vane Inspection Set

Provides a rapid check of the stability of foundations, excavations and trenches in clay.

Pocket Shear Vane

Quick and efficient testing methods for determining strength values of soil.

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