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All of Humboldt's major geotechnical machines feature an integral 4-channel data logger, which allows our equipment to function as stand-alone work stations, part of a lab-wide computerized system, or anything in-between.


Triaxial Component Lists and Set-Up Diagrams


Soil Lab

Soil Testing Lab Testing Equipment

Humboldt offers a complete solution for your soil lab and soil testing needs ranging from soil classification to geotechnical evaluations.

Our testing equipment complies with ASTM standards, including testing solutions for: Liquid Limit; Plastic/Shrinkage Limit; Sand Equivalent; Soil Classification; pH Analysis; California Bearing Ratio (CBR); Proctor; Permeability; Consolidation; Direct/Residual Shear, and Triaxial.


Test-specific or multi-purpose loading systems with built-in Data Loggers for the ultimate in versatility.


Complete systems or individual components, we make it easy to build the triaxial solution you need.

Take the complication out

of your Triaxial / Lab set-up


Humboldt software provides extensive control,
as well as real-time data collection for all your
material testing needs.

Direct Residual Shear

Economical, deadweight Direct/Residual Shear Machine offers choice of Controllers and data logging.


Run multiple, automated consolidation tests simultaneously with the ConMatic IPC.

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