Centrifuge Extractors

Centrifuge Extractors Centrifuge Extractors

Centrifuge Extractors

Centrifuge Extractors are used for quantitative determination of bitumen content in paving mixtures. more »

Centrifuge Extractors, continued

These units require a relatively short processing time, which includes weighing the asphalt sample, heating the sample slightly until it starts crumbling, cooling the sample, placing it in the centrifuge extractor's rotor bowl and then adding solvent. The extractor's centrifugal action forces liquid through a filter paper ring at bowl's periphery, and the process is repeated until the expelled solvent is a clear color. Once this is accomplished the remaining aggregates are weighed and graded. Weight before and after extraction determines constituent proportions.

These motorized extractors have accurate, dependable electronic solid state speed control; rotation speed adjusts up and down. An electric brake stops rotation in less than 10 seconds. Explosion-proof, motorized units offer the same features along with greater safety. All Humboldt centrifuge extractors comply with ASTM D2172 (Method A) and AASHTO T164.


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