Marshall Compaction Machines

Marshall Compaction

Marshall Compaction

Sample compaction is a crucial step in preparing an asphalt specimen for Marshall testing. This process is done using either a manual or automatic Marshall compactor machine along with a corresponding mold. more »

Marshall Compaction, continued

Asphalt compaction occurs after a sample is prepared and heated. This includes estimating the optimum binder content, testing maximum specific gravity and using a laboratory oven to reach its designated temperature. By adequately preparing a specimen prior to compaction, more accurate results are able to be obtained.

Marshall compactors are generally used to measure the bulk specific gravity set by standard ASTM D6926. 10lb masses at an 18in drop height hit each side of the specimen 35, 50, or 75 times depending on anticipated traffic loads. After extracting the compacted asphalt from the mold with a sample ejector, the bulk specific gravity can be calculated.

Humboldt provides a wide variety of Marshall compactor machines ranging from stationary to rotating options. All are equipped to correctly prepare asphalt mixture specimens for the duration of the Marshall apparatus. If you have questions or need help selecting equipment, please call us at 1.800.544.7220 or use our Ask Humboldt form.

For more detailed information about Marshall Testing for Asphalt, click here.

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