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Humboldt Concrete ScannerHC-6100A.3F
Humboldt Concrete Scanner
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Humboldt Concrete Scanner

The Humboldt Concrete GPR Scanner has been designed to find even the deepest targets while still providing high-resolution. The unit boasts the most diverse sensor suite on the market today. It can be used to locate rebar, power lines, cables, conduits, pipes, and voids.

Dual-frequency GPR antennas insure high-resolution scans can be made without sacrificing penetration depth. The two GHz antennas clearly identify objects buried in concrete to depths of about two feet, while the 750 MHz antennas can detect objects as deep as 6 feet. This scanner also provides a dual mode power line detector that detects both current and voltage. This is useful for detecting power lines where no current is flowing.

The system is controlled with a rugged IP67 Windows tablet computer that connects to the sensor via WiFi. There are several mounting configurations for the tablet to support one- or two-person teams. The unit has several survey configurations for maximum flexibility. A long handle can be attached for floor surveys Finally, the long handle converts into a tripod for the tablet computer, in order to provide maximum freedom of the sensor head. The wireless design has eliminated all cables to improve ease of use, and eliminate common problems associated with connectors and cables. An innovative positioning system includes an odometer, GPS, as well as optional inertial measurements.
Advance software is available to provide cross section views (B-Scans), depth slice views, and 3D views.


  • 2 GHz bi-static radar antenna
  • 750 MHz bi-static radar antenna
  • Electric field sensor for detecting power lines or tracer signals
  • Magnetic field sensor for detecting power lines or tracer signals
  • Requires HA-6200 Surface Pro Tablet Kit
  • Dimensions: 12" x 8.9" x 8.5" including wheels and skid plate
  • WiFi connection between sensor and tablet
  • Removable tablet computer allows data analysis from vehicle or office
  • Durable construction with IP65 ingress protection
  • Positioning systems include odometer, GPS, and optional inertial measurements.
  • Optically-coupled odometer eliminates cables and interference to magnetic sensors
  • Short handle for surveys within arm’s reach
  • Long handle for floor surveys rotates and locks into different positions
  • Rechargeable LiFePO4 battery provides 5-6 hours of use. Includes second battery for all day use. Carrying case includes built-in charging system for batteries.

Includes: Concrete Scanner, Long Handle and Carrying Case

Required item
HA-6200 Surface Pro Tablet Kit: This unit will come with Data Acquisition Software installed, Keyboard App installed and Sun Hood.

International customers should purchase this tablet in their country.


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