Proceq Profometer 5 Rebar Locator

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Proceq Profometer 5 Rebar LocatorH-2981
Proceq Profometer 5 Rebar Locator
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Proceq Profometer 5 Rebar Locator

The H-2981 Rebar Locator features a universal probe that allows you to measure both shallow and deep ranges at the push of a button. This gauge will locate, size and show bar orientation, as well as indicate concrete cover. In areas where adjacent and parallel bars effect readings, the operation can include a correction to isolate bars for more accurate diameter determinations.

The operator can also include a correction factor for determining cover depth in congested bar arrangements. The H-2981 includes several optical and acoustical locating aids, one of which is a variable tone level that can be heard over the internal loudspeaker or on a headset. Highly accurate measurements and single-probe design makes this rebar locator an easy-to-use workhorse. Includes processing and report generation software. Complies with ACI 318, BS 1881 Part 204.

Range:Shallow: up to 3.94" (100mm) Deep: up to 7.28" (185mm)
Accuracy:Better than ±0.08" (2mm) or ±5% for cover
Bar Sizing:#3-12 (8-40mm) better than ±1 bar size
Display:LCD w/ backlight
Memory:160,000 objects with 60 measurements
Data Output:RS232 or USB adapter
Power Supply:1.5V (6), 45 hr. operation; 30 with backlight
Dimensions:16.3 x 19.7 4.9" (415 x 500 125mm)
Weight:12 lb (5kg)


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