Quantum Mini Concrete Scanner

Quantum Mini Concrete Scanner

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Quantum Mini Concrete ScannerHC-2975
Quantum Mini Concrete Scanner
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Quantum Mini Concrete Scanner

With the benefits of deep lower frequency 1000 MHz antenna and a high resolution 2000 MHz antenna in a compact form factor, the Quantum Mini is suitable for ALL concrete scanning applications.

The dual frequency Quantum Mini by US Radar is the only concrete scanning GPR you will ever need. It features a 1000 MHz antenna for analyzing deep structures and targets under slabs. It also features a 2000 MHz antenna for high resolution analysis of fine targets. It is no longer necessary to have to choose antennas or find out afterwards that the scan should have been done with a different antenna. The Quantum Mini offers these benefits in a compact, wireless form factor that is perfect for scanning walls, floors, ceilings, etc.

All other concrete scanners on the market only offer ONE frequency or the other. This means the average user must sacrifice depth for high resolution scales, or vice versa.
With both 1000 and 2000 MHz antennas, you get the detail associated with high resolution, while also being able to see far beyond the concrete slab. This ensures concrete can be properly laid and that a firm understanding of what lies underneath is achieved. Dual frequency gives users the assurance of a job well done.

The Quantum Mini offers a variety of software in on-board and desktop configurations including:

  • GPS
  • 3D
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Satellite Imaging Integration
  • Report Generation
  • and more!

The Quantum Mini is also compatible with a wide variety of third party processing software packages.

For additional information about non-destructive concrete testing equipment, click here.


Radar Controller Computer

Processor: Multi-core Intel Atom

Radar interface: proprietary military connector

32 GB Solid State Hard Drive

10.1 Inch daylight readable LCD Color display

Power Supply: 10.5-18V DC @ 25W

Operating System: Windows 7 Embedded

System Scan Modes

Trigger Modes: Free run, timed interval, shaft encoder, manual

Maximum Sampling Rate: 100 gigasamples per second

Nominal Sampling Rate: 650,000,000 samples per second

Gain: 45dB hardware, 90 dB Software, 60 dB

Software Flat Gain

Radar Head Electronics Specifications

Sampling Interval: 10 ps-6.4 nsl

Time Range Adjustment Interval: 10 ps

Pulse Repetition Frequency: 0.1-4 MHz-adjustable

Sample per Trace: 2-8192, Adjustable

Effective Bandwidth (typ.): >4 GHz

Stacking: Automatic


Dual Frequency 1000 & 2000 MHz


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
HC-2975-GPR (Data Sheet PDF)

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