Stand-Alone, Four-Point Bending Beam Machine

Stand-Alone, Four-Point Bending Beam Machine

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Stand-Alone, Four-Point Bending Beam MachineHA-5400.3F
Stand-Alone, Four-Point Bending Beam Machine
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Stand-Alone, Four-Point Bending Beam Machine

The CS-SA4PT-BB uses advanced servo pneumatic technology and a high-speed digital data acquisition and control system together with user-friendly software. During testing both graphical and tabular data are displayed on screen and test data is stored to disc in Microsoft® Excel® compatible format. The clamps are at 118.5mm (4.67 inch) centers (the distance between the outer clamps is 335.6mm (14 inches) according to AASHTO specifications but the height and width of the beam can be varied).


  • Frequency range 0.1 to 30Hz¹
  • Low cost pneumatic stand alone four point bending machine
  • Utilizes a low-friction actuator and high performance ceramic spool servo-valve
  • On-specimen measurement system removes errors due to frame flexure
  • Accepts AASHTO beam sizes
  • Sinusoidal controlled strain or controlled stress fatigue test modes
  • Constant torque motorized specimen clamping to eliminate errors due to localized beam indentation
  • Self-contained loading system
  • User friendly software for determination of fatigue resistance and stiffness modulus


  • User friendly, intuitive and reliable Windows® software developed using LabVIEW™
  • Specifically written to meet AASHTO and ASTM standards
  • The user interface can be translated into the user’s preferred language – please inquire
  • Stored test data can be analyzed and compared with other test data utilizing a spreadsheet package
  • Utilities are included for curve fitting of acquired data; testing of system’s inputs and outputs; phase correction and a transducer database for storing calibration factors
Additional Specifications
Force Transducer2248lbf (10kN)
Specimen Transducer Range ± 0.04" (1mm)
Actuator Stroke0.4" (10mm)
Frequency0.1 to 30 Hz
Electrical Supply110/260V 50/60Hz, 1 Ph
Compressed Air100-145psi (7-10 bar) @ 600 L/min (21cfm)
Test Frame Dimensions18" x 7.5" x 22.5" (440 x 190 x 570mm)
Data Acquisition Enclosure15" x 11" x 5.5" (360 x 280 x 140mm)
Working Space Required (WxDxH)32.5" x 65" x 83" (826 x 1650 x 2100mm)
Desktop PCIncluded
The Stand-Alone, Four-Point Bending Beam Machine supports the following standards: ASTM D7460, AASHTO T321, EN 12697-24 Annex D, EN 12697-26 Annex B


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Dummy PVC beam 2" x 2" x 15" (50 x 50 x 380 mm) HA-5400.1
Dummy PVC beam 2" x 2" x 15" (50 x 50 x 380 mm)
Cabinet, temperature-controlled HA-5400.3
Cabinet, temperature-controlled
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
Stand-Alone-4-Point-Bending-Machine (Data Sheet PDF)


ASTM D7460
EN 12697-24 Annex D
EN 12697-26 Annex B

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