Thermometer, Traceable, User-Adjustable, 2-Channel

Thermometer, Traceable, User-Adjustable, 2-Channel

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Thermometer, Traceable, User-Adjustable, 2-ChannelHT-4135
Thermometer, Traceable, User-Adjustable, 2-Channel
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Thermometer, Traceable, User-Adjustable, 2-Channel

Supports the following standards: ASTM D3385

Two-channel thermometer with user-adjustable offsets, allows adjustment to specific temperatures, in-house calibration, or different sensors for increased accuracy. Shockproof, rubber case, great for rugged applications. Max and Hold buttons help in operation.

• Range: -58 to 1999°F (-50 to  1300°C)
• Resolution: 0.1°/1°
• Accuracy: ±0.3% plus 1°C meter

Model HT-4007 HT-4132 HT-4135 HT-4015
Type Wide-range with memory thermometer with traceable certificate RTD platinum thermometer with
traceable certificate
User-adjustable, two-channel, offset thermometer with
traceable certificate
thermometer with traceable certificate
Features °F and °C switchable, accepts type K, J or T probes, min/max readings, backlit display, count-up timer, computer output capability °F and °C switchable, one-button operation, low-battery, bad probe indicator, 0.5" high digits, computer output capability Rubberized instrument case with stand, velcro wrist strap, user adjustable for in-house calibration, max temp button, Hold button, uses all type K thermocouples Memories, alarms, timer and min/max capabilities, backlit display, protective casing with flip-out Stand, °F and °C switchable, 0.625" high digits, hold button
Probe Stainless, triple-purpose type K thermocouple probe for use with soils, liquids, air/gas Platinum, (100-ohm) 4-wire probe for use with soils, liquids, air/gas Supplied with 4', fast-response beaded probe, uses all type K probes Supplied with 4', fast-response beaded probe, uses all type K probes
Range -328 to 2498°F
-200 to 1370°C
-58 to 752°F
-50 to 400°C
-58 to 1999°F
-50 to 1300°C
-328 to 2498°F
-200 to 1370°C
Resolution 0.1° from -200° to 640°C (-328 to 990°F) otherwise 1° 0.01° below 200°C and 0.1° above 200°C 0.1°/1° 0.1°/1°
(Type K)
±1°C 0.1% + 0.2°C below 200°C and ± 0.15% + 0.5°C above 200°C ±0.3% plus 1°C meter ±1°C from -50° to 740°C (-328 to 1364°F) otherwise ±2°C
Stem Length 6 inches 6 inches cable length 10' cable length 4'
Power 9-volt battery 9-volt battery
(AC adapter available)
9-volt battery (3) AAA batteries
Traceable Certificate Yes, included Yes, included Yes, included Yes, included


ASTM D3385

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