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Concrete Testing Equipment

For fresh concrete or concrete repair work, Humboldt has the Concrete Testing Equipment to suit your application.

From Concrete Air Meters and Concrete Molds to Compression Machines and Test Hammers, we offer a full line of concrete testing instruments to fit your specific need.

Concrete Compression Machines

Accurate and built-to-last,
with maximum compression capacities of up to 500,000 lbs.

Non-Destructive Concrete Testing

Humboldt carries a wide selection of Non-Destructive Testing Equipment for concrete applications. From moisture detection and corrosion analysis of structures to strength testing and rebar location.

Moisture Meters

Measure relative humidity and moisture in concrete and gypsum flooring.

Freeze-Thaw Cabinet

Test-specific or multi-purpose loading systems with built-in Data Loggers for the ultimate in versatility.

Concrete Air Meters

Designed to determine air content, determination of specific gravity and free moisture test of aggregates.

Crack Monitors

Measure widths and locations
of cracks prior to beginning
a monitoring program.

End Grinder

Fast and precise method
of preparing cylinders for compression testing.

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