Nuclear Gauges

for Density and Moisture

Nuclear gauges are one of the most accurate methods used to measure the moisture content and density of soils, aggregates, and other materials. These measurements are used for building roads and dams, and for collecting scientific data on soil water content in agricultural and forestry settings.

For a structure to stay in good condition, its soil and aggregate layers need to provide a stiff and stable foundation. A well-compacted base layer should be able to resist movement and deformation under stress. The density of in situ soils are therefore measured to ensure a structure’s performance and longevity meets industry standards.

A nuclear density gauge measures the density of in-place hot mix asphalt (HMA) using gamma radiation. Gamma rays are emitted from the source and interact with electrons in the material. By calculating the percentage of gamma rays returned to the source, the gauge can quickly and accurately measure the density and inner structure of the test material.

Humboldt’s nuclear density gauges are known to be less brittle and better equipped than the competition. Our gauges are built to last through years of rugged applications and are manufactured with 100% new parts. We take pride in the functionality and longevity our gauges have to offer.

Humboldt provides two nuclear density gauge models: HS-5001EZ2 and the HS-5001XD

  • The EZ-2 Gauge builds upon the reputation of our EZ gauge by introducing several new features aimed at improving accuracy and ease of use. These features include a new larger, simplified display that is easily readable in bright sunlight. It also includes GPS information, such as location coordinates and altitude information. And, for safety, the new EZ-2 features a 3D accelerometer, which turns off the gauge when motion is detected.
  • HS-5001XD brings you a host of new features aimed at making your job easier. Featuring a color touchscreen, the NX Gauge provides intuitive operation of all gauge operations. It also provides touch pad operation as an alternative control method.

All Humboldt nuclear gauges are built rugged for the day-to-day rigors of construction projects. These gauges are built to last using high-quality Noryl® PPO material, which is one of the most dimensionally stable thermoplastics available. This produces a gauge housing that is less brittle than the competition resulting in less breakage. Humboldt also pays strict attention to sealing our gauges against dirt and dust, providing a better design and less electronic problems due to dust.

Humboldt gauges are also “Field Serviceable”. If you have a problem with your Humboldt gauge, chances are we can quickly get a part out to you, which you can install on your own, saving you lots of time and money. Other manufacturers require you to send your gauge back to the factory for calibration. We don't. You can send your gauge back to us or you can allow a third party to calibrate your gauge without incurring any charges from Humboldt.

With Humboldt, You Get:

  • High-quality gauges, built to take a beating
  • Truly, field serviceable with parts readily available
  • Third-party calibration with no added costs
  • Exceptional calibration, leak test and repair service

Our nuclear gauges are rugged and have been used for years in many tough and demanding applications. It has always proven to be easy-to-operate, easy-to-power and easy-to-service. They feature menu-driven control panel with easy-to-use, built-in test routines and auto features, making testing a quick and accurate operation. It also features our innovative trigger release handle that eliminates pinched fingers while providing smooth operation. Unlike some competitors, all Humboldt nuclear gauges are manufactured with 100% new parts — no refurbished gauges sold as new.

For more information about Humboldt's compaction/density testing solutions, click here.

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