Digital Infrared IR Thermometers

Digital, IR Thermometers

Digital infrared (IR) thermometers are designed to measure temperature from a distance by absorbing radiation emitted from the body of the object. The use of a laser additionally allows a beam to be pointed at a specific area of the object. IR thermometers are useful in cases where thermocouple or other probe type sensors cannot be used or do not produce accurate results.

Digital IR thermometers work well in industrial applications such as testing for hot spots, leakages and other fluctuating temperature issues. They are also ideal for measuring hot surfaces or items that should not be touched because of contamination possibility. They are lightweight, compact and easy to use, offering extremely fast response time.

Humboldt offers a variety of digital IR thermometers to address specific needs and budgets. From the cost-friendly IR Gun Infrared Thermometer, to the K Thermocouple Combo, the Traceable Wide-Range IR Gun and the Pro IR Gun.

If you have questions or need help selecting the digital IR thermometer that is right for your needs, please call us at 1.800.544.7220 or use our Ask Humboldt form.

Model H-3591 H-3597A H-3593A H-3599 H-3595A
Type Infrared Infrared Infrared Infrared Infrared
Probe none none none One type-K none
Range -58 to 1832°F
(-50 to 1000°C)
-76°F to 1832°F,
-60°C to 1000°C
-58 to 750°F
(-50 to 400°C)
IR gun: -76 to 932°F (-60 to 500°C)
probe: -76 to 1999°F (-60 to 1400°C)
-20 to 932°F -30 to 500°C
Accuracy 0.1° to 200°C The greater of:
±1.5% of reading
or ±2.7°F (±1.5°C),
at 73°F (23°C)
ambient temp.
15-35°C: ±1°C,
full range: ±2%, 2°C
IR: 15-35°C: ±1°C,
full range: ±2%, 2°C probe: ±0.8%, 1°C
±1°C (2°F) from
50°F to 86°F
(10°C to 30°C),
± 1.5% or
± 1.5°C (3°F)
Repeatability ±1.5% +2°C
-20 to 200°C
±1.5% of reading
-76°F to 1832°F
(-60°C to 1000°C)
0.15°C at 25°C,
0.75°C at 80°C
0.15°C at 25°C,
0.75°C at 80°C
±0.5% of reading
or < ±1°C (±2°F) whichever is greater
Target Size
1" target dia. at 50"
1" target dia. at 50"
Dual-Laser shows target
1" target dia. at 9"
1" target dia. at 11"
1" target dia. at 10"
included order: H-3597C order: H-3593C order: H-3599C order: H-3595AC
Power 9 volt (2) AAA AAA AAA 9 volt

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