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Augers & Auger Sets

Augers & Auger Sets Augers & Auger Sets

Augers & Auger Sets

In soil testing applications, augers are primarily used for gathering soil samples or aiding in getting to deeper depths for testing needs. Humboldt provides a large selection of augers in different sizes and for different types of soils. Augers are typically referred to as bucket augers. more »

Augers & Auger Sets, continued

Standard augers are used for sampling typical soils and generally have an open bit design, and are available in 2" to 4" (51-102mm) sizes. Sand augers are used for dry, sandy soils and are available in 2" to 4" (51-102mm) sizes. For Heavy, wet soils and clays, Mud augers are available in 2" to 4" (51-102mm) sizes.

These augers are available in standard kits, which come with augers, handles, extensions and a carrying bag for transportation. Extensions and handles are available in a variety of types and lengths to fit any application. Extensions are designed to be used to extend the depth penetration of the auger. These are helpful when deeper testing of a site is needed.

Our augers and extensions are available in both threaded and quick-release configurations to fit the coupling technique desired.


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