Augers & Auger Sets

Augers & Auger Sets

In soil testing applications, augers are primarily used for gathering soil samples or aiding in getting to deeper depths for testing needs. Humboldt provides a large selection of augers in different sizes and for different types of soils. Augers are typically referred to as bucket augers. Standard augers are used for sampling typical soils and generally have an open bit design, and are available in 2" to 4" (51-102mm) sizes. Sand augers are used for dry, sandy soils and are available in 2" to 4" (51-102mm) sizes. For Heavy, wet soils and clays, Mud augers are available in 2" to 4" (51-102mm) sizes.

These augers are available in standard kits, which come with augers, handles, extensions and a carrying bag for transportation. Extensions and handles are available in a variety of types and lengths to fit any application. Extensions are designed to be used to extend the depth penetration of the auger. These are helpful when deeper testing of a site is needed.

Our augers and extensions are available in both threaded and quick-release configurations to fit the coupling technique desired.

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