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Use of a sieve has long been a common way to easily determine the size distribution of aggregate particles. These fine mesh strainers separate particles within a stack of differing mesh sizes. Data obtained from this analysis can be used to better understand the relationship between aggregates and to predict future trends.

Sieve shakers are an integral part of aggregate testing to determine size distribution of the fines. These calculations determine an aggregate’s susceptibility to movement and pore spacing. Also called gradation, this process separates individual particle sizes across an entire sample. Participle size distribution analysis is necessary to ensure that aggregates perform as intended for their specific use.

Sieve shakers provide a much higher degree of accuracy (0.5%), consistency and repeatability of results as compared to manual shaking, while also saving time in the process. These machines allow sieve analysis to be automated and have been providing dependable service for many years.

It is important that the capabilities of the sieve shaker are aligned with the characteristics of the specific aggregate being tested. Agitation is the process by which the material is lifted and moved in order to pass through the various mesh sizes. Different agitation methods are available and should be chosen as related to the particle sizes and other elements of the material.

With different sieve capacities and intensities, Humboldt provides a variety of sieve shakers for all your testing needs. Economical shakers are offered with digital timers, variable speed options, and models capable of handling small or larger sieve builds. The Mary Ann® sieve shifter is an industry standard that provides rotation and tapping action for 8" or 12" sieves. The W.S. Tyler Ro-Tap® and Dura-Tap® sieve shakers use an oscillating motion to move the particles through the sieve stack, with a compact design and aggressive action.

Use our Sieve Shaker Comparison Chart to compare specifications and assist you in choosing the right solution for your particular application.

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Humboldt Sieve Shaker Specifications Chart

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