Ductility Testing Machines


Ductility testing measures the amount of stress that can be applied to a material without causing a fracture. The testing is critical in pavement construction because without sufficient ductility, asphalt is likely to crack from temperature variations, traffic and other stresses. Simply put, it is the measure of how far a sample will stretch before it breaks.

Materials needed for asphalt ductility testing include a sample briquette, the brass mold, a water bath, a ductility testing machine and a thermometer.

Humboldt’s ductility testing machines measure the distance of elongation before reaching the breaking point of a sample being pulled apart at a specific speed and temperature. This determines the ductility of formed asphalt/cement or semi-solid bitumen.

Humboldt provides high quality, USA-made ductility machines and all the necessary components for accurate sampling and testing procedures.

Elite Series Automated and Refrigerated Ductilometers – Both models feature Humboldt’s Elite Series touch-screen controller with full graphical monitoring of all testing functions and ability to control the machine from a networked computer.

Humboldt Ductility Machine – This three-speed machine was designed for standard and force ductility tests. The direct drive motor maintains a constant speed. Features a stainless steel interior with an overflow connection and a baked enamel stainless steel wrapped exterior.

Temperature-Controlled Ductility Testing Machine – An upgrade to the Humboldt ductility machine features the addition of a circulating temperature control unit.

Basic Ductility Testing Machine – Economy model is a three-speed testing machine for standard and force ductility tests. It does not include an wrapped exterior or thermal-finned stainless steel tubes for thermal transfer.

Circulating Temperature Controller – Designed for use with the H-1068X ductility machine, it provides a solid-state, thermostatically-controlled bath and circulator to maintain even water temperature.

Molds, Accessories and Components – Available accessories and components include ductility machine stands, briquette molds, elastic recovery molds, base plates, force determination kits and transducers.

For more details about the ductility testing process, read our blog post “Ductility Testing with Humboldt Solutions”.

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