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Force Determination

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Force Determination Transducers
Force Determination Kit
Force Determination Kit for Ductilometers
Calibration Device, Force Transducers
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Force Determination

Force determination transducers for use with Humboldt Elite Series Ductilometers. Provides precise tensile strength measurement of any material, preparation, procedure or type of test to an accuracy of 0.01 lbs. Attaches over existing pin in ductilometer without tools or machine modification. Can accommodate three adapters simultaneously. Electric components are located out of the water bath. Elite Series Ductilometer can accommodate up to 3 at a time.

The force determination kit is used to add force determination capabilities to the HA-1068.3F Ductilometer. The HA-1068.3F is pre-setup to accept this add on. Just install and you are ready to proceed. The kit provides (3) Force Determination Transducers, cables and (1) Force Transducer Calibration Device.

This force determination kit is designed for use with manual control ductilometers like the H-1068X and H-1068B. It provides (3) Force Determination Transducers, a HM-5320 Data Logger and (1) Force Transducer Calibration Device. This kit will allow you to do force determinations and the Data Logger will allow you to monitor the test and its results. Humboldt's Elite Series Data Logger provides four individual, 24-bit analog to digital converters with an instrumentation excitation supply of 10 VDC. The analog Logger is ideal for use with instruments, such as pressure transducers, load cells, and strain transducers. It provides data storage for 1000 readings per channel.

Calibration device for Humboldt Elite Series Ductilometer force determination transducers. Pro-vides simple and precise calibration of transducers. Includes calibration pedestal, storage pedestal, dead weight hanger and weight set. Transducers sold separately

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