Humboldt calibration and repair

Calibration and Repair

For calibration and repair information:

Cleaning concrete rebound hammer Cleaning concrete rebound hammer before reassembly and calibration

Humboldt provides dependable and economical calibration and repair services for the following Humboldt or competitors' devices :

  • Concrete Air Meters
  • Rebound (Schmidt) Hammers
  • Load Cells
  • Load Rings
  • LSCTs
  • Beam Breakers
  • Penetrometers
  • Speedy Moisture Testers

Each calibration project includes complete inspection and documentation of the device prior to calibration. The device is then disassembled and/or cleaned, inspected, lubed if required, parts are replaced if necessary and then calibrated. All calibrations are performed on certified, NIST-traceable, calibrated devices and we provide the customer with a certificate documenting the calibration. Concrete air meters are cleaned and repaired as necessary before calibration. Calibration of air meters follows the ASTM procedure outlined in ASTM C231.

Load cell calibration matched Load cell calibration matched to a specific load frame
Calibrating a load ring Calibrating a load ring on a NIST-traceable load frame

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