Asphalt Test Load Frames

Load Frames for Asphalt Testing

Load frames play an integral part in many construction laboratory assessments. These tools are used to examine and test a number of materials including asphalt, concrete and soil and can accurately measure load, compressive and shear strength, deformation in addition to other properties. The results of these tests are vital to engineers and contractors to adequately evaluate the characteristics and predict how these materials will perform over time.

What previously may have taken up to a dozen different devices for various tests have now been consolidated into a machine that can successfully perform a myriad of evaluations. Specific to asphalt testing, these include the asphalt semi-circular bend test, Marshall stability for asphalt flow, the Lottman test for indirect tensile strength, Hveem and SCB testing, and tack coat bond shear strength. Larger traffic volumes, more climate variations, water and other fatigue factors continue to increase the demands on roads and highways paved with asphalt. The ultimate goal is to produce better asphalt content that delivers superior mix strength with minimal deformation from axle loads, weather and other causes. In order to provide a consistent, high-quality product during construction, rigid quality control practices must be followed along with continued lab and field testing. Load frames have become a huge advantage in making this possible and improving asphalt mixes and ultimately, overall infrastructure.

Modern day load frames are compact and convenient for laboratory use, offering more functionality, versatility and capabilities than ever before. Accessories can be added as needed for more specialized applications and avoid the necessity to purchase or replace entire systems.

Humboldt provides a number of industry leading choices in load frames for asphalt testing, with results that conform to most relevant ASTM and AASHTO standards. Some models utilize Humboldt’s NEXT Software for report generation.

The Balanced Mix Automated Load Frame affords precise test rate control for automated testing of balanced mix samples. Choose your test and parameters in the Test Setup Wizard to set up the process and get accurate results, per current ASTM or AASHTO specifications.

The Marshall and TSR Load Frame is part of Humboldt’s Elite Series for Marshall and TSR testing. Designed around our integral data logger with touchscreen control, these can be used as standalone devices capable of full test control and data logging.

CBR/LBR and Marshall Automatic Load Frame is also an Elite Series model that features CBR soil testing in addition to Marshall and TSR testing. As with the previous model, it has a heavy-duty design and precise stepper-motor control for years of reliable service.

The Elite Series Master Loader Load Frame is a multi-purpose loading system with built-in, real-time data acquisition capabilities and is ideal for construction projects ranging from road construction to high-volume commercial and educational laboratories.

The Multi-Speed Load Frame for CBR and Marshall testing is designed for those who want a basic but high-quality multi-purpose load frame without built-in data acquisition capabilities.

Our Load Frame for Marshall Testing includes a one-speed motor with reversing switch and was designed specifically for testing the resistance to plastic flow of bituminous paving mixtures.

Marshall Module for Humboldt NEXT Software – This Marshall-specific module provides added features to the NEXT software which guides you through the process and incorporates selecting data collection parameters that best suit the Marshall test.

For more detailed information about Load Frames for Asphalt testing, please visit our Asphalt Marshall Testing landing page. If you have questions or need help selecting the right Load Frame for your specific application, please call us at 1.800.544.7220 or use our Ask Humboldt form.

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