Load Frame for Marshall Testing

Load Frame for Marshall Testing

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Marshall Compression Machine, 120V 60Hz
Marshall Compression Machine, 220V 60Hz
Marshall Compression Machine, 220V 50Hz
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Load Frame for Marshall Testing

Supports the following standards: AASHTO T245, AASHTO T283, BS 598, EN12697-34

Load frame designed specifically for testing the resistance to plastic flow of bituminous paving mixtures— the Marshall test. Machine has a one-speed motor with reversing switch that produces a uniform vertical movement of 2" (51mm) per minute. Unit includes a H-4454.100 calibrated load ring and dial indicator for determining test load. Load capacity is 11,000 lbf. (50kN). Maximum piston travel is 3.5" (88mm). Overall dimensions are: 18" x 18" x 38.5"H (457 x 457 x 978mm).

For more detailed information about Marshall Testing, please visit our Asphalt Marshall Testing landing page.

Typical Setup for H-1339B
H-1339B1Marshall Compression Machine, 120V 60Hz
H-4454.1001Load Ring with analog dial indicator, 11000lbf, 50.0kN, 5000kgf
H-13441Dial Flowmeter Kit for Marshall Asphalt Testing
H-13421Marshall Breaking Head, 4"


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Marshall Breaking Head
Lottman Breaking Head
Dial Flowmeter Kit for Marshall Asphalt Testing
Dial Gauge Flowmeter
Guide Sleeve For Marshall Asphalt Testing Flowmeter Kit
Digital Upgrade Kit for Manual Load Frames
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-1339B Manual (Product Manual PDF)





BS 598


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