Concrete Cylinder Curing


Concrete cylinder curing is defined as the process of maintaining satisfactory temperature and moisture conditions in concrete long enough for hydration to develop desired concrete properties. Keeping the concrete moist during the process will ensure that optimal strength and durability are achieved.

The hydration and hardening that takes place during the first several days is extremely important. If the concrete is dried too rapidly from evaporation or shrinkage, the result could be insufficient strength and greater shrinkage cracking. Minimized cracking can be achieved by reducing stress prior to curing. Proper curing with the right equipment will result in increased strength and lower permeability, even if the surface dries prematurely.

Tight control over the temperature and humidity is critical during the curing period. Accelerated curing techniques are sometimes used for higher strength results, involving heating so that the hydration process occurs more quickly.

ASTM C31/C31M designates the standard practice for making and curing concrete test specimens in the field. Specifically this covers proper procedures for making cylinder and beam specimens from concrete samples for a construction project, as well as the transportation, storage and curing of samples.

Humboldt’s concrete cylinder curing products were designed and developed for accurate and repeatable results and in compliance with appropriate ASTM and AASHTO standards.

Curing Room Equipment includes the new VaporPlus Curing Room System, Humidity Sensor System, System Sanitizer, Fogging Fans, Chart Recorders, Temperature/RH Loggers and accessories.

Our selection of Curing Boxes includes a variety of sizes, and heating only and heating and cooling units.

Curing Tanks, Circulators and Heaters are also available.

For instructional information, please read our blog, Curing Rooms for Concrete Specimen Testing.

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