Quick-Strip Mold Strippers

Quick-Strip Mold Strippers

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Quick-Strip, Concrete Mold Stripper for 4" x 8" Molds
Quick-Strip, Concrete Mold Stripper for 6" x 12" Molds
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Quick-Strip Mold Strippers

The Quick-Strip Mold Stripper from Humboldt provides fast, easy and safe stripping of cylinder molds with one easy pull of its lever. With each pull of the lever the Quick-Strip slices plastic cylinder molds with two opposing cuts, making removal of the concrete cylinder easy.

And, since the Quick-Strip is designed to be either bench-mounted or mounted to its accessory, free-standing pedestal, it will also save your lower back from bending over to strip molds on the floor like you do with conventional stripping tools. The Quick-Strip also doesn't bottom out the knife blades when it cuts molds, so you'll save on the frequency of blade replacements. And, you'll save wear and tear on your floors, which are often ruined by repeated blade gouging.

  • No more bending over molds on the floor
  • No more missed hammer blows
  • No more stripping tools slipping off the mold
  • No more floor gouging

The Quick-Strip will provide you with cylinder mold stripping that's faster, safer and more efficient, especially when you have large numbers of cylinders to process.
Humboldt's new Quick Strip is available in two configurations, one to do 4" x 8" cylinders, the H-3045, and one that works with 6" x 12" cylinders, the H-3046.

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Replacement Blade for Mold Strippers
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The new Quick Strip - Mold Stripper from Humboldt provides fast, easy...

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