Vicat Consistency Tester

Vicat Apparatus Test

One of the most common ways to assess cement consistency is with a Vicat apparatus. This machine is used to determine the standard consistency of a cement paste, as well as its initial and final setting time.

To establish a paste’s standard consistency, a Vicat plunger is used. Standard consistency is defined by the minimum amount of water at which the Vicat plunger is able to penetrate 5-7mm from the bottom of the Vicat mold. This consistency, in theory, will produce cement at its maximum strength.

To establish a paste’s initial and final setting times, a Vicat needle is used. The initial setting time is defined as the time period between when water is added to the cement and when the 1mm needle fails to penetrate the paste. The final setting time, rather, is determined by the time period between when water is added to the cement and when the 1mm needle makes an impression on the paste but the 5mm needle does not.

The plunger and needle apparatus tests are used together to ensure effective cement which in turn will produce good quality concrete. Humboldt offers a variety of products for performing Vicat apparatus tests:

Vicat Apparatus: With accessories, these products can assess standard consistency and initial/final setting times, available in both automated and manual options

Vicat Needles: Used to determine the initial and final setting time of the paste

Vicat Plungers: Used to determine the standard consistency of the cement

Vicat Accessories: Additional products to aid in Vicat testing

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