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Durometer, Type AH-4222A
Durometer, Type A
Durometer, Type BH-4222B
Durometer, Type B
Durometer, Type CH-4222C
Durometer, Type C
Durometer (D Scale)H-4222D
Durometer (D Scale)
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Supports the following standards: ASTM D4318, D2240

Durometers are used to test the hardness of materials, such as the base of a Liquid Limit Machine. Precision construction delivers lifetime accuracy. Sealed springs maintain load deflection rate to a tolerance of .0004". H-4222D is used to check the hardness of the base of Liquid Limit Machines and complies with ASTM D4318, D2240.

For more information about Humboldt's Atterberg Limits products, visit the Atterberg Limitis Soil Testing Equipment page.


ASTM D4318

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