Concrete Crack Monitors

Crack Monitors

Cracks in concrete, whether in buildings, roads, structures or bridges, indicate damage and should be closely and accurately monitored to assure the integrity, safety and underlying durability of the structure.

These cracks can form for a number of reasons:

  • Sub-par construction practices
  • Chemical reactions causing corrosion
  • Repeated freezing and thawing
  • Construction overloading
  • Or any combination of the above.

Depending on where the crack is located, the issue may be superficial or an indication of damage of a larger scale. The significance of the damage depends on the location and size of the crack, and how they can ultimately affect the structure’s safety and durability. Monitoring of the cracks is essential in evaluating what maintenance actions will be needed for the affected area based on the severity of the damage.

A number of different types of evaluations and instruments are available to precisely measure and monitor concrete cracking. These tools are able to continuously monitor and record even subtle opening and closing of the crack.

Humboldt’s concrete crack monitors and crack gauges are of the highest quality available. They feature highly accurate scales and a unique pin system to ensure accurate zeroing of the monitor when it is affixed to the surface. Our crack monitors include use for flat surfaces, corners and displacement applications.

Crack monitor gauges are used to monitor horizontal or vertical crack movement on a flat surface.

Crack monitor gauges for corners allow monitoring in corners with 70° to 180° angles.

The concrete crack data logger monitors cracks and linear displacements, measuring both displacement and ambient temperature with USB connectivity (also available in wireless WiFi).

Concrete crack monitor kits contain the components needed to set up a system using precision digital calipers.

The concrete crack monitoring microscope is a high-definition instrument with its own adjustable light source.

The displacement crack monitoring gauge monitors movement where there is a step across a crack due to displacement.

The concrete crack width gauge measures widths and locations of cracks before staring a monitoring program.

The multi-length strain gauge is recommended as a substitute for the Whittemore strain gauge for masonry-type materials and structural components.

Other related parts and accessories include crack monitor adhesive, screws and plugs, caliper marks and digital calipers.

Humboldt maintains a large inventory for immediate shipment of monitors, whether you need only one or a couple of hundred. If you have questions or need help selecting equipment, please call us at 1.800.544.7220 or use our Ask Humboldt form.

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