Concrete Crack Gauge Plus

Concrete Crack Gauge Plus

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Concrete Crack Gauge PlusHC-2937
Concrete Crack Gauge Plus
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Concrete Crack Gauge Plus

The crack gauge plus can be used to monitor horizontal or vertical movement across a crack on a flat surface. The Plus offers two upgrades to the standard design. Rather than presetting the two measuring plates together at zero with tape, the plus uses four small pegs, which ensure alignment during installation and then removed during monitoring. The plus also provides measuring flats, which allow accurate readings to be taken with calipers during monitoring. Can be fixed to the surface with screws or adhesive (not included). Supplied with instructions and record sheet.


  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Concrete Crack Monitor Adhesive HC-2942A
Concrete Crack Monitor Adhesive
Concrete Crack Gauge, Screws and Plugs HC-2944
Concrete Crack Gauge, Screws and Plugs
Concrete Crack Width Gauge HC-2940
Concrete Crack Width Gauge
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
HC-2937 man 1110 (Product Manual PDF)

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