Wet/Dry Sieve Shaker

Wet/Dry Sieve Shaker

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Wet/Dry Sieve Shaker Wet/Dry Sieve Shaker, 120V 60Hz
Wet/Dry Sieve Shaker Wet/Dry Sieve Shaker, 220V 50Hz
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Wet/Dry Sieve Shaker

Lightweight cast aluminum, electrically operated portable sieve shaker is designed for use with one or two 8" diameter full-height or four half-height testing sieves. Used for wet or dry screening of solid particles. When placed over a bucket or sink, the unit provides the necessary shaking motion and frees the operator from a fatiguing task.

The sieve shaker has the advantage of being portable for making dry, gross separations and is convenient in making reproducible wet separations. The sieves are held firmly in place by a friction fit of the sieve's nesting ring, so a pan having a nesting ring can be used in lieu of one sieve. All PVC-coated, 115V 60Hz for intermittent duty, 3-wire cord and plug, on-off switch, and a neoprene wet-protective motor cap. The H-4328.5F version includes the H-4328.1, a 220V 50Hz transformer.

Shown with H-4328.2 Bucket and sieves (not included, order separately)


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Bucket, 5-Gallon
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