Specific Gravity Flask (Phunque Flask)

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Specific Gravity Flask (Phunque Flask)

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Specific Gravity Flask (Phunque Flask)

The phunque flask is the key element in a method for conducting specific gravity/absorption determinations for aggregate. This method has been designed to eliminate the inherent guess work built into ASTM C128 and AASHTO T84. The current cone and tamper methods in use today. This is easy to perform, easy to understand and easily reproducible between technicians and labs. The test is very easy to run and can be reliably run in the field. This can be especially helpful in asphalt operations where specific gravities can make a big impact on pay factors. This test lets the contractor check specific gravities on the material he is currently using, not lab tests, which may not be current.

The H-3388F is for fine aggregate and has a neck approximately 1" in diameter.

The H-3388L is used for coarse aggregate and has a neck approximately 2" in diameter.

The scale on both items is readable to 0.1 grams; Both include an excel calculation sheet and a swabbing utensil to keep the neck of the flask dry during loading.


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-3383 F-L man 0508 (Product Manual PDF)

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