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Soil Consolidation Testing Soil Consolidation Testing

Soil Consolidation Testing

Humboldt provides an extensive offering of consolidation testing equipment to satisfy the needs of any soils laboratory. From our fully-automated ConMatic IPC machine to our pneumatic or dead-weight consolidation testing machines, we have soil consolidation testing covered. more »

Soil Consolidation Testing, continued

In addition, Humboldt carries an extensive offering of consolidation sample prep items, consolidation cells and components, as well as consolidation-specific software to handle the consolidation testing process.

Soil Consolidation Testing
Consolidation is a process in which a soil sample undergoes a volumetric change due to the application of some type of loading. Placing a load on a soil sample results in a reduction in the void space within the soil. In the laboratory, this load can be applied pneumatically or by simply placing weights on the sample. This process simulates the effects of real-world forces placed on soil whether from simple compaction or building structures on the soil. Incremental consolidation tests can be conducted by applying load increments to a soil sample for predetermined lengths of time. Generally, the load increments are arrived at by doubling the previous load.

Reasons for Performing Consolidation Tests
The reason for performing incremental consolidation tests may vary, however in most cases, the test is done to determine settlement properties of a particular soil. For example, when a building is constructed, the underlying soil is impacted by the load that has been applied and expels water from its voids. As water is expelled, the soil starts to settle, which affects the building above. In this scenario an engineer is interested in the magnitude and rate of settlement. In some cases a building load may cause the soil to settle a number of feet. A consolidation test predicts the amount and rate of settlement.

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