Sand Patch Test Kit

Sand Patch Test Kit

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Sand Patch Test Kit
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Sand Patch Test Kit

Supports the following standards: ASTM E965

The H-3215 Sand Patch Test is used for determining the average macrotexture depth of a pavement surface in accordance with ASTM E965. Measurements can be used for improving pavement maintenance and finishing processes.

Kit Includes:

  • 8lbs. of glass beads (graded to have a minimum of 90% by weight passing a No.60 sieve and retained on a No. 80 sieve)
  • 1 gallon plastic jar with lid
  • 35ml stainless steel measure
  • Rubber puck spreader tool
  • 12" Stainless Steel Ruler with 0.1" Graduations
  • Graduated Cylinder, Plastic, 50ml - H-4916P.050
  • Wind screen
  • 3” Brush
  • Plastic carrying case

A balance readable to 0.1 g is recommended for additional control to confirm each sand patch measurement is accurate in both mass and volume. HB-4533A balance recommended.

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Glass Beads, 60-80 Mesh (8 lbs)
Wind Screen for Macrotexture Depth Test
Polypropylene Graduated Cylinder
35ml Measure
3" Brush
12" Stainless Steel Ruler, 0.1" Graduations
Rubber Puck Spreader Tool
Sand Patch Test Case
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