Load Frames for Triaxial Testing

Triaxial Load Frames Triaxial Load Frames

Triaxial Load Frames

Humboldt's Elite Series Load Frames provide the materials testing lab with a choice of three, highly-versatile and precision-built loading systems covering a range of testing applications. The HM-5030 is the workhorse of the group, capable of handling any testing need up to 50kN or 11,000 lbf. more »

Triaxial Load Frames, continued

The HM-5020 is a machine designed specifically for triaxial testing and other testing requirements up to 15kN or 3,000 lbf. and, the HM-5040, is a heavy-duty machine capable of handling testing requirements up to 100kN or 22,000 lbf.

These machines provide four (4) integral and independent data acquisition channels, which can be utilized in stand-alone configurations or accessed through a LAN-networked computer using Humboldt's Next Software. Elite series load frames are built with durable, high-quality components and feature the use of a stepper motor, precision gears and gear box to ensure smooth and reliable operation, as well as precise results.

In stand-alone mode, these load frames provide a 7" (178mm) touch-screen controller. These new waterproof, touch screens provide colorful, at-a-glance monitoring of testing functions without the use of a computer. Operators can see all the data in several formats at the machine while the test is running. Data can then be viewed simultaneously or downloaded later to a computer in the lab, in the next room or at a different location, while also providing report generation capabilities from within Humboldt's NEXT software or our enhanced test-specific modules.

Also available is our basic multi-speed machine, the HM-2850. This load frame is designed for those who want a simple, hiig-quality, multi-purpose load frame without built-in data acquisition capabilities.


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