Sample Splitters

Sample Splitters

Sample splitters work by reducing the sample size by directing the flow of the aggregate into two containers through adjoining chutes. The samples are then used to evaluate quality of the aggregate or obtaining properties necessary for production of concrete mixtures. Per the ASTM C702 standard, larger field samples need to be reduced to a smaller size for more convenient lab testing purposes. This methodology ensures that the smaller test sample is representative of the entire stockpile.

Different sample reduction methods are used depending on the size and condition of the aggregates being sampled. Mechanical splitters as well as quartering are good for fine or coarse aggregates, quartering preferred for free moisture on the particle surface. Miniature stockpile reduction is not appropriate for coarse or combined aggregates but works well with fine aggregates, free moisture on the particle surface.

The choice of methodology, accuracy of the equipment being used, and skill of the technician in following the procedures are critical in obtaining that truly representative samples. This will ensure that accurate test results are recorded and that the aggregate performs as intended.

Humboldt’s line of quality sample splitters and related products include:

Riffle-Type Sample Splitters – Several models are available for small to medium material samples. A model with a removable hopper to assist cleaning and an enclosed design splitter are also available.

Universal Sample Splitters – Designed for larger volume samples of raw coal or bulk aggregates, fine gravel and sand, fine aggregates and powders.

California Sample Splitters – Developed for the California DOT for splitting of the sand-sized aggregates inherent in this area.

16-to-1 Sample Reducer – Used to cut a 1/16th representative sample of a larger material by eliminating parts of the sample.

Microsplitters for Fine Materials – Micro- and Precision Riffle Splitters are available in four models for easy splitting of small material samples for convenient laboratory analysis.

Quartering Canvas is also available with seamed and stitched edges for selecting and quartering soils and aggregates.

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