Soil Sampling Tools

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling tools and equipment are used for a number of testing and monitoring applications including (but not limited to) construction, geotechnical, environmental and agricultural. Once the samples are collected, laboratory testing is implemented for evaluation and analysis. Adequate and accurate sampling and testing should be the first steps in the planning process to ensure that the site is suitable for the type of structure being constructed.

The soil will then be tested for a number or properties including moisture content, specific gravity, dry density, compaction and Atterberg Limits.

Humboldt offers high-quality tools and equipment for obtaining soil samples reliably.

Shelby Tubes – Used for collecting soils, including fine cohesive soils and clays, especially those that are sensitive to sampling disturbance. The thin-walled, hollow steel tubes are driven into the ground to extract the soil for testing of a number of properties including density, permeability, compressibility and strength. Tube drive heads, sealing wax, caps and expansion packers are also available.

Soil Sampling Tubes – Classic soil samplers, soil sampling tube set, auger tube set, a footstep soil probe and replacement tips are available.

Soil Sample Bags – For collection of soil and other material samples – available in heavy-duty, plastic-lined and economy varieties.

Soil Sampling Shovels – Steel construction, available in round-point or square-point varieties and adhering to appropriate ASTM standards.

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