Compression Machines

Humboldt's concrete compression frames are designed to handle the daily demands of testing cylinders, beams, blocks and cubes. Humboldt's compression machine offering spans a testing range from 30,000 to 500,000 lbs (1112 to 2,224kN). All load frames are built in the U.S. to specifications exceeding current industry standards. These load frames are known for their versatility, rigid construction, dependability and compact design. All Humboldt load frames are manufactured with structural steel side members and solid steel cross heads, which feature a unique wrap-around, box construction design. Each corner is fully-welded on both the inside and outside cross head seams, providing the rugged stability needed for accurate and repeatable test results year after year.

Built to last, and when compared to the many lighter machines of competitors; you'll find the cross heads of these machines to be thicker than their competion's. Our compression machines have a larger diameter piston with a longer stroke and dust shield. They provide a thicker, lower platen table, which is through-hardened to exceed HRC 55 standards, as well as having steel, fragment guard doors.

Other features include a frame design that positions the hydraulic cylinder assembly on the top cross head, which applies the load force in a downward direction, eliminating the build up of foreign material around the cylinder area for longer seal life. A quick-change platen system allows for fast and easy switching of test platens.

Humboldt concrete compression machines feature our new digital controllers, which are available in automatic and manual control configurations. The continuous-duty, hydraulic pumps and pressure-compensated, loading control valves are manufactured to ISO 9001 international quality standards and provide quiet dependable service. Manual loading machines have the loading control valve and hydraulic pump are positioned on the right side of the load frame for easy access, increased productivity and safer operation. The automatic controllers are available with a either a mounted pump on below the controller on the right side or as a self-contained console featuring an integral pump.

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