Concrete Compression Machines

Compression Machines

Humboldt's concrete compression frames are designed to handle the daily demands of testing concrete cylinders, beams, blocks and cubes. Humboldt's compression machines span a testing range from 30,000 to 500,000 lbs. (1112 to 2,224kN). All compression frames are built in the U.S. to specifications exceeding current industry standards. These compression machines are known for their versatility, rigid construction, dependability and compact design. All Humboldt load frames are manufactured with structural steel side members and solid steel cross heads, which feature a unique wrap-around, box construction design. Each corner is fully-welded on both the inside and outside cross head seams, providing the rugged stability needed for accurate and repeatable test results year after year.

Built to last, and when compared to the many lighter machines of competitors; you'll find the cross heads of these machines to be thicker than their competition's. Our compression machines have a larger diameter piston with a longer stroke and dust shield. They provide a thicker, lower platen table, which is through-hardened to exceed HRC 55 standards, as well as having steel, fragment guard doors.

Other features include a frame design that positions the hydraulic cylinder assembly on the top cross head, which applies the load force in a downward direction, eliminating the build up of foreign material around the cylinder area for longer seal life. A quick-change platen system allows for fast and easy switching of test platens.

Humboldt manufactures several excellent controllers for use with our concrete compression machines allowing you to choose the controller that best fits your application.

Automatic Controllers
Humboldt's line of controllers include the HCM-5080, an automatic controller and the HCM-5070, a console version of the HCM-5080. The HCM-5080 and HCM-5070 utilize an integral hydraulic pump, which is automatically controlled by the controller.

Humboldt's HCM-5080 and HCM-5070 compression machine controllers incorporate these standard tests in their design: ASTM C39, C78, C293, C469, C496, C1019, C109/C109M and EN 12390-3. Just pick the test you want to run as you configure your test and the controller will guide you through setup from where you can proceed with your test.

Manual Controllers
Humboldt also offers the HCM-5090, a digital indicator for use with manually-operated machines. This controller features many of the features of our automatic controllers except that it is designed for use with a manually-operated pump. The HCM-5090 incorporates the same standard test setups as the automatic controllers. Just pick the test you want to run as you configure your test and the controller will guide you through setup from where you can proceed with your test.

For the budget-minded operation, we also offer the i7 indicator, which is an easy-to-use digital load indicator that simultaneously displays both live load and rate of load values during a test.

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