16-to-1 Sample Reducer

16-to-1 Sample Reducer

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16-to-1 Sample ReducerH-3994
16-to-1 Sample Reducer
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16-to-1 Sample Reducer

The Sample reducer is used to cut a 1/16th representative sample of a larger material sample by eliminating parts of the sample as it flows down an adjustable 45° or 60° incline. The adjustable 0.25ft3 (7.1L) hopper can be used in batch mode or left open when larger samples are needed.

Produces a 10-lb., or greater, representative sample with a maximum particle size of .5" (13mm). Reducer cuts out 1/16th of the material fed through the unit in one pass. (a one-pound sample can be obtained from a 256-pound original sample by passing it through twice). Overall dimensions are: 27" x 18" x 36" (686 x 457 x 914mm)

Unit is supplied without sample containers.


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