CBR Field Test Set

CBR Field Test Set

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CBR Field Test Set, Standard
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CBR Field Test Set

The CBR field test set is designed for making CBR determinations in the field and is built around a modified H-4156 load frame. CBR field testing can quickly yield a relative strength determination without having to rely on lab tests. Field tests involve forcing a piston into the soil and comparing the depth of penetration in relation to the load placed on the piston. Typically, the reaction load used for field testing is a heavy piece of equipment, such as a loaded dump truck. Gear box is 2-speed model with a 10,000lbf (45kN) capacity and 3.5 inches of lift. The use of the extension and connector set provides sufficient flexibility for almost any type of height requirement. The CBR field test set includes:

H-4156J: (1) 2-sp. gear box, handle & platen
H-4156SB: (1) Swivel base
H-4454.020: (1) 2200 lbf load ring
H-4454.050: (1) 5500 lbf load ring
H-4152F.1: (1) CBR extension set
H-4152F.2: (1) CBR connector set
H-4158.1: (1) Dial indicator, 1.000" x 0.001"
H-4152F.8: (1) Steel bridge support, 8 ft.
H-4179F.10: (1) Surcharge weight, 10lb, 10"
H-4179: (2) Slotted surcharge weight, 10lb
H-4179F.20: (2) Slotted Surcharge weight, 20lb, 8.5"
H-4470: (1) Magnetic indicator mount
H-4178F.4: (1) Penetration piston, 4"

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Two-Speed Mechanical Replacement Jack
Swivel Base
Load Ring with Dial Gauge
Marshall Test Load Ring
CBR Extension Set
CBR Connector Set
Dial Indicators
Contact Extensions
Steel Bridge Support, 8 ft.
Surcharge Weight, 10lb, 10" dia.
Slotted Surcharge Weight, 10 lb.
Surcharge Weight, 20lb, 8.5" dia.
Magnetic Indicator Mount
Penetration Piston, 4"
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