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Humboldt Direct Shear Testing Equipment

Humboldt offers a wide variety of choices in Direct Shear Machines. From automated and semi-automated pneumatic machines to a choice of three dead-weight models, we have a machine that will fit your application perfectly. Read More >

Radiation Safety Certification Classes Accessible Online 24/7!

Humboldt offers online, certified training classes for radiation safety and nuclear gauges. You can sign up, pay for and take our class per your schedule, on your computer, phone or tablet, as long as you have an internet connection. All for only $99! Sign up now for Humboldt's video classes and get your Radiation Safety Certification today! Read More >

SAVE NOW on Humboldt Nuclear Gauge Cases!

Is Your Nuclear Gauge Case in Compliance with Type A Packaging Criteria? Don't wait for your next audit to find out! From now until March 15, 2021, get 15% off of the Humboldt Nuclear Gauge Case when you use the code CASE15 at check out! Read More >

Humboldt Concrete Compression Machines

Humboldt provides an extensive choice in concrete compression machines, which span a testing range from 30,000 to 500,000 lbs. (1112 to 2,224kN). Whether you plan to break cylinders, beams or cubes, Humboldt has a machine designed perfectly for your needs. All our compression machines feature U.S. manufacturing to specifications that exceed current industry standards. These machines are well known for their heavy-duty design and durability. Check out all the compression machines, controllers and accessories Humboldt offers by clicking the link below. Read More >


On selected Humboldt water baths when you use the code BATH10 at check out! Humboldt's water baths are an ideal match for many asphalt testing applications. We stock several water bath options, in a variety of sizes. Shop our selection of lab water baths today to complete your asphalt testing equipment needs. Read More >

The HM‑5030 Load Frame Designed for multi-purpose loading systems

The HM-5030 Elite Series load frame is perfect for the soil testing lab conducting multiple testing operations like Unconsolidated and Consolidated Undrained, Consolidated Drained and Unconfined Compression CBR and LBR tests. It can also handle asphalt tests, such as Marshall, Hveem, TSR and SCB tests. Read More >

Looking for Consolidation Testing Machines?

Look no more! Humboldt has what you need! Compact and easy-to-use, these pneumatic consolidation load frames are used to estimate the rate and amount of settlement anticipated for a proposed structure. Read More >

Logo Wear from Humboldt!

Now you can sport the Humboldt name anywhere! Check out our new Humboldt merchandise. Perfect for the lab, in the field or casual gatherings, Humboldt Logo wear makes the perfect statement for those using Humboldt equipment in their testing regimens. Be part of the team and show your Humboldt pride with a t-shirt, hat or mask. And, don't forget to order one of our Lab Journals for keeping track of information and as a reference. Read More >


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