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Air Entrainment Meters for Mortar

Air Entrainment Meters for Mortar

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  Part Number & Name Price QTY
1L Air Entrainment Meter for MortarH-2845
1L Air Entrainment Meter for Mortar
0.75L Air Entrainment Meter for MortarH-2846
0.75L Air Entrainment Meter for Mortar
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Air Entrainment Meters for Mortar

Air entrainment meters for testing freshly-mixed mortar with direct readings in percent. Uses hand-operated pump.

The H-2845 and H-2846 Air Meters are used for the determination of the total air content in cement paste, mortar and masonry cement. These meters have a pressure chamber, in which a defined pressure is generated. By opening the overflow valve, the pressure in the chamber is equalized within the sample container, which is filled with mortar. The pressure drop is a measurement of the air content present in the mortar. The accuracy of the pressure gauge is 1.0.

Both air meters use pushbutton controls for simple test operation. Both meters use a mechanical valve to provide a reliable seal between the pressure chamber and test container. The pressure gauge is integrated in the top of the meter. Quick-release fasteners between the container and cover provide easy sealing and opening of the meter.

Both meters utilize a robust hand pump for operation independent of air supply system.

H-2845: 1 liter volume — EN 1015-7 and EN 459-2
H-2846: 0.75 liter volume — EN 413-2

Line Scale of Pressure Gauge
0-5% by volume 0.1% by volume per scale division
5-10% by volume 0.2% by volume per scale division
10-20% by volume 0.5% by volume per scale division
20-30% by volume 1.0% by volume per scale division
30-50% by volume 5.0% by volume per scale division
50-100% by volume without scale division


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