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3,800 to 9,000g Capacity

3800 to 9000g Capacity

In need of a great scale or balance with a capacity between 1700g and 3800g? Humboldt provides a large selection of high-quality products in this category, which should allow you to find the perfect scale for your application. Balances and scales by Ohaus and Adam Equipment are grouped in categories by capacity to allow you to easily find and compare models, which adhere to your needs. You can further refine your search and comparison by comparing readabilities and pricing of each product. Scales are grouped by models provided by Ohaus and Adam and may contain model variations, such as different readabilities, different pan sizes, different profiles, different features and materials. Many of these balances provide either integral or accessory weigh-blow hooks for those requiring this feature for their testing application.

Ohaus Adventurer Precision Balances
Striking the ideal balance between inventive features and functional, uncomplicated weighing capabilities, the OHAUS Adventurer incorporates all of the applications necessary for routine weighing and measurement activities. With a color touchscreen, GLP/GMP compliance capabilities, two USB ports, and much more, Adventurer is the most complete balance in its class. In this category, Ohaus Adventurer balances are available in one capacity, 2200g, in this category with readability of 0.01g. They are available in internal, as well as external calibration models.

Ohaus Explorer Precision Balances
The Ohaus Explorer series of electronic balances combine modern features and design elements to offer unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance balances unlike any other on the market. Equipped with a weighing cell that’s precision-machined from a solid metal block, Explorer balances are extremely accurate and durable, and are the ideal choice for quality and accuracy in any application. In this category, Ohaus Explorer balances are available in one capacity, 2200g, in this category with readability of 0.01g. They are available in internal, as well as external calibration models.

Adam Luna Precision Balances
Luna precision balances deliver a combination of durability, performance and elegance. Luna precision balances feature an easy-to-read display with bright 24mm digits against a black background. Additional features include USB and RS-232 interfaces, level indicator and sealed keypad. In this category, Adam Luna balances are available in capacities of 2600g and 3600g, with a readability of 0.01g. They are available in internal, as well as external calibration models.

Adam Solis and Equinox Precision Balances
Featuring a high-resolution color touch screen, Equinox precision balances provide intuitive operation and readily accessible functions. Equinox delivers exceptionally precise results for labs, science education and production facilities. With a high-resolution graphic display and intuitive features, Adam Solis precision balances provide an outstanding solution for labs everywhere. The Solis is ideal for research and quality assurance applications. Both models provide external calibration, which allows for verification and adjustment with calibration weights.

Adam Equinox Precision Balances are available in 2100 and 3200g capacities and readabilities of .01 and .001g.
Adam Solis Precision Balances are available in 3200g capacity and a readabilities of .01g.

Ohaus Pioneer PX Precision Balances
The Pioneer PX combines essential weighing functionality with competitive performance, offering high accuracy and repeatability for many applications. The Pioneer features a back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD and second line display for additional information or guidance (dot matrix). It also features in integral weigh-below hook. In this category, Ohaus Pioneer precision balances are available in a capacities of 2200g and 3200g with readabilities of .01g and 0.1g.

Ohaus Scout STX and SPX Portable Balances
Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, the OHAUS Scout comes in a slim design with large back-lit LCD. Features include superior overload protection, multiple weighing units and application modes. Geared for high performance in your facility with fast stabilization time and high resolution weighing results, these portable balances set a new standard in laboratory and industrial weighing. In this category, Ohaus Scout SPX and STX portable balances are available in a capacity of 2200g with readabilities from .1g to .01g. The SPX models feature Liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlight and the STX feature a VGA graphic touchscreen.

Adam HCB Highland Precision Balances
The Core weighing scale series offers outstanding value, providing easy operation and a portable solution for any basic precision weighing tasks. It features a vivid, back-lit LCD easily visible in any lighting conditions. The Core includes a convenient weigh-below hook, facilitating below-balance weighing for tasks requiring density and specific gravity measurements. Adam HCB Highland precision balances are available in a capacity of 3000g with a readability of 0.1g.

To quickly search for scales and balances by capacity and readability, use Humboldt’s Humboldt’s Scales And Balances Product Selector

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