Soil Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

Testing of soil for building construction or of any structure should always be the first step in planning to ensure the suitability of soil properties. The soil will need to handle the stress emanating from the structure and any unreliable or undetermined tests can be catastrophic to its ultimate life span and safety. The specific types of tests needed will depend on the properties of the soil and the type of construction project. Thorough understanding of soil properties can even sometimes enable engineers to build in potentially problematic areas.

In order for soil samples to be correctly and thoroughly tested in the lab, they must first be collected and processed. The soil samples need to be dried, ground and sieved before they are analyzed. A number of different tools are employed for proper preparation of the soil samples for testing. Soil grinders are used to prepare samples for evaluation of grain sizes, Atterberg Limits and other tests. Soil mixers are designed to mechanically mix the sample with an in situ binder. The process breaks up the soil, injects a binder at low pressure and mixes the binder with the soil.

Humboldt offers high-quality equipment and accessories for accurate preparation of soil samples.

The Rapid Soil Processor simplifies preparing soil for compaction tests by producing five-point moisture density test results five times faster than any other available method.

The Soil Grinder prepares samples to a designated particle size for accurate, repeatable results, can can grind a one-point sample in 15 seconds.

The Electric Disk Grinding Mill is used globally for sample. The grinding mill head and plates are made with quality materials for durability and long service life. The grinding mill head is easily removed and disassembled for cleaning.

The Hand-Operated Disk Grinding Mill mounts to a bench top with an integral c-clamp for fast grinding of samples. The mill head is easily disassembled for cleaning without any special tools needed.

The Humboldt Laboratory Mixer (5L – 5.3 qt.) provides testing labs with a higher quality than a typical lab mixer. The mixer features a clear safety cover for sealed mixing and allows for materials to be added to the mix via a port at the top of the mixer.

The 5-Qt. Mixer thoroughly blends, mixes and aerates all ingredients for a consistent, predictable result. Includes a stainless steel bowl, wire whip, dough hook and aluminum flat beater.

The Mortar Mixer (5L – 5.3 qt.) is a high-quality ASTM mixer that provides a more durable and lower cost alternative to the Hobart mixer. It features a robust design and works especially well for efficient mixing of cement pastes and mortar.

The heavy porcelain Soil Mortar is ASTM D421 compliant and specifically for use with our H-4258 Soil Pestle.

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