Mortar Mixer, 5L (5.3qt)

Mortar Mixer, 5L (5.3qt)

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Mortar Mixer, 5L (5.3qt), 120V 60HzHC-3851
Mortar Mixer, 5L (5.3qt), 120V 60Hz
Mortar Mixer, 5L (5.3qt), 220V 60HzHC-3851.2F
Mortar Mixer, 5L (5.3qt), 220V 60Hz
Mortar Mixer, 5L (5.3qt), 220V 50HzHC-3851.5F
Mortar Mixer, 5L (5.3qt), 220V 50Hz
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Mortar Mixer, 5L (5.3qt)

Supports the following standards: ASTM C305, AASHTO T162, EN 196, DIN 1164, BS 3892, ISO 679, NF P15-411

This excellent, alternative to the Hobart mixer features two-speed, manual-control with a very robust design, expressly made for the efficient mixing of cement pastes and mortar. The mixer offers two speeds: 140 rpm for revolving with 62 rpm planetary action and 285 rpm revolving with15 planetary action.

This mixer features a heavy-duty design, which provides excellent stability when placed on a counter top. Provides open mixing bowl for easy visual consistency control. Simple distance control between stirrer paddle and mixing bowl maintains standard distance between bowl and stirrer.

Hoisting mechanism can also be used to lower the mixing bowl. Quick-clamping system allows mixing bowl to be attached to the mixer easily. Provided with standard stainless steel bowl and standard beater.


EN 196
DIN 1164
BS 3892
ISO 679
NF P15-411
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