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Lab Ovens

Laboratory ovens are designed and manufactured to deliver precise temperature control for a number of lab functions. These functions include heating, sterilization, evaporation, baking, annealing and other testing needs. High-forced volume thermal convection applications are provided for uniform, accurate temperatures throughout. more »

Lab Ovens, continued

Gravity convection ovens distribute temperature by moving warm air upwards without a fan, so they are ideal for applications requiring gentle heating and drying.

In a forced air lab oven, a fan is used to rapidly circulate hot air in the oven’s interior. The rapid circulation helps to ensure even temperatures and an even heat transfer.

Humboldt offers a complete line of laboratory and bench ovens in a multitude of configurations and capacities to meet a variety of applications.

Forced air lab ovens are available in conventional and digital models in capacities ranging from 0.6 cu. Ft. (17L) to 2.86 cu. ft. (81L) and temperature range to 450°F (232°C). The ovens are built for durability, featuring double-wall construction and heavy, welded-steel exterior. All are ASTM D2172 compliant and are available in both 120V 60Hz and 230V 50/60Hz configurations.

Gravity convection laboratory ovens are also available in conventional and digital varieties with capacities from 0.7 cu. ft. (20L) to 3.0 cu. ft. (85L) and maximum temperatures to 450°F (232°C). All are ASTM C186 and ASTM C128 compliant.

Bench ovens are available with dial temperature controls or digital control. Models are available in 300°F (149°C) to 550°F (287°C) maximum temperatures and 6.6 cu. ft. (187L) to 10.6 cu. ft. (300L) capacities and different electrical requirement configurations.

High-performance forced air bench top ovens provide faster processing, testing, preheating, sterilizing, curing, drying and other production applications. Temperature ranges are 104-500°F (40-260°C) and capacities range from 3.7 cu. ft. (105L) to 18 cu. ft. (510L).

Forced air convection ovens are especially suitable for soil and asphalt testing, with fast heat-up rates and precise digital controls. The feature temperature range of 95-399°F (35-204°C) and capacities ranging from 2.3 cu. ft. (65L) to 27.7 cu. ft. (784L).

Large capacity bench ovens are available in conventional and digital models and are designed to handle a wide variety of applications with a ±0.05% control accuracy and good uniformity for drying of large samples. These ovens feature thermocouple-actuated temperature controllers with maximum temperatures of 400°F (204.4°C) and capacities of 36” x 21” x 36” (91 x 53 x 91cm) to 36” x 48” x 36” (91 x 122 x 91cm) inside dimensions.


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