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Preconstruction and Construction Evaluation of Mortars for Plain and Reinforced Unit Masonry

Annex 1

1 H-3133 Modified Vicat Cone Penetrometer, 200g
1 H-2860W Tamper, Wood
1 H-4144.8 Straight Edge, 1/8" x 1-1/4" x 8" (3 x 32 x 200mm), ASTM
1 H-4974 Spoon
1 H-3855 Tamping Stick

Note: The above applies only to Annex 1. Consistency by Cone Penetration Test Method.

Annex 3

1Choose One:
H-4134 Concrete Pocket Penetrometer
H-4132 Concrete Pocket Penetrometer, w/ Dial
1 H-4134F Penetrometer Foot

Note: The above applies only to Annex 3. Initial Consistency and Consistency Retention or Board Life of Masonry Mortars Using a Modified Concrete Penetrometer.

Annex 7

1 H-3372 Utility Bucket
1Choose One:
H-2920 Concrete Cylinder Mold, 2" x 4" (51 x 102mm), 3-gang, Bronze
H-3039P Plastic, Single-Use Cylinder Molds with snap-on plastic lid, 2" x 4" (51 x 102mm), Carton of 84
H-3038PML Plastic, Single-Use Cylinder Mold Concrete Cylinder Molds, 3" x 6" (76 x 152mm), Carton of 80
H-3038 Cylinder Molds, Single-Use, Cardboard Concrete Cylinder Molds, Single-Use, Cardboard, 3" x 6" (76 x 152mm), Carton of 50
2Choose One:
H-2820 Brass Cement Cube Mold, 2-inch Diagonal Configuration
H-2820M Brass Cement Cube Mold, 50mm Diagonal Configuration
1 H-2860W Tamper, Wood
1 H-4974 Spoon
1 H-4906 Spatula, Straight Edge, 6" x 1"

Note: The above applies only to Annex 7. Compressive Strength of Molded Masonry Mortar Cylinders and Cubes. Also required but not included in basic set—max-min thermometer and compression testing machine.

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