Vebe Consistometer Test for Concrete

Vebe Consistometer Vebe Consistometer

Vebe Consistometer

The Vebe test (also called the Vee-Bee test) allows the for the evaluation of freshly mixed concrete, measuring its workability by determining the characteristics of mobility and compactibility. The principle of the test is to change the shape of the concrete and measure the remolding in seconds. more »

Vebe Consistometer, continued

The time for the complete remolding measures the concrete workability.

The Vebe test can determine how the concrete will behave during compaction. It is also especially useful for measuring samples that may be too stiff to be measured by a standard slump test.

Humboldt’s Vebe Consistometer method is based on the same principle of the simple slump cone test, but it has the advantage of a mechanized action. After removing the slump cone, the concrete undergoes a vibration to determine slump.


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