Prism Testing

Prism Testing

Humboldt features a variety of products and accessories for prism testing including prism molds for use in different testing applications of cement, mortar and concrete.

Prism Molds for Volume Change Tests of Mortars – Designed to produce required 10" effective gauge length, prism test bars. Molds feature removable partitions, base and end plates. Effective gauge length is measured from inside end of the studs. Molds produce cement prism specimens 11.25" long. Including studs, outside to outside length of specimen is 11.625". ASTM C806.

Prism Molds for Autoclave Expansion of Portland Cement – Autoclave expansion of Portland cement; length change of mortar and concrete; potential alkali reactivity of cement/aggregate combinations; linear change of magnesium and oxychloride cements; volume change of cement paste. ASTM C1260, ASTM C151, ASTM C157, ASTM C227, ASTM C342, ASTM C441, ASTM C452, ASTM C490, ASTM C596.

Prism Molds for Volume Change Tests – Application is primarily for volume change tests. ASTM C878.

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