Self Consolidating Concrete, Concrete Flowability

Self-Consolidating Concrete

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete mix that when used correctly, reduces labor, time, and the possible source of technical and quality control issues. Because this concrete mix prevents voids and honeycombing, it is commonly used in structural and architectural concrete elements where surface smoothness is important.

When poured, proper SCC flows very easily with and around the framework to closely follow the shape and surface texture of the mold. By testing self-consolidating concrete, you can eliminate it’s flowability and therefore the need for vibrating or tamping after the initial pour.

Self-consolidating concrete should be tested for flow rates, passing ability, levels of aggregate segregation resistance, and filling evaluation. SCC is designed in such a way that compaction and a high proportion of water are not required to become fluid. Therefore, initial testing is vital to lasting success.

The flowability of SSC is most commonly measured using the slump flow testing method. Three variables of the mix are measured during this assessment:
Flowability: ensuring that the concrete flows easily into the finest details of the formwork or mold
Passing ability: making sure the mix is able to flow through tight spaces
Stability: the quality of staying together in a homogenous mix even at very high slumps
Therefore, concrete slump tests are vital to ensure that self-consolidating concrete is able to perform onsite and have the qualities it needs to succeed.

Humboldt offers a variety of tools to assist testing self-consolidating concrete to ensure a less labor-intensive task.

Penetration Apparatus: Provides a rapid assessment of static segregation resistance of self-consolidating concrete following the standard ASTM C1712.
J-Ring Test Set: Used to determine the passing ability of self-consolidating concrete according to ASTM C1621.
J-Ring Test Set, HDPE Base Plate:
The J-Ring Test Set but with inscribed concentric circles to perform slump flow tests. Follows the standards ASTM C1621 and ASTM C1611.
Static Segregation Column: Measures the coarse aggregate content in self-consolidating concrete following the standard ASTM C1610 to determine the potential for static segregation.
V-Funnel Flowability Test: Evaluates the segregation resistance of self-consolidating concrete through flow speed according to EN 12350
L-Box Flowability Test:
Assess flow and possibility of self-consolidating concrete following the standard EN 12350.

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