Concrete Moisture Test Kit

Concrete Moisture Testing Concrete Moisture Testing

Concrete Moisture Testing

Moisture is the most common entity that damages concrete and its protective coatings. Due to its porous nature, concrete is prone to issues caused by trapped water. While concrete/water ratios make a difference in permeability, factors such as air humidity, temperature, and surface conditions also affect the rate at which moisture migrates through drying concrete. more »

Concrete Moisture Testing, continued

Moisture meters are used to locate and measure moisture content in materials such as wood and concrete. They are often utilized by flooring installers and other testing applications to detect moisture up to 1” deep. It is very important to test concrete humidity as water continues to pass through even after it hardens. While concrete moisture doesn’t have a huge impact on outdoor applications, it is critical in indoor installations.

Problems arise from high levels of detected moisture. Trapped water can cause mold and mildew, bubbles in flooring, or even degradation of materials. No single test reveals everything about a concrete’s qualities. Therefore, multiple moisture tests are essential and should be utilized accordingly.


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