Concrete Inspection Kit

Concrete Inspection Kit

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Concrete Inspection Kit
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Concrete Inspection Kit

A complete kit for testing concrete moisture per ASTM F2659 & ASTM F2170, featuring the HC-2994 moisture meter and Hygro-i® relative humidity probes.

The Concrete Inspection Kit includes:
CMEX II Digital, concrete moisture meter.
4 Hygro-i® RH probes for testing to ASTM F2170.
Hygro-i® Electronic Interface Cable
12 Hole liners for testing to ASTM F2170.
Calibration check salts for RH probes.
IRTX Infrared surface thermometer
and heavy-duty carry case.


  • Instant, non-destructive concrete moisture content test from 0 - 6.9% to ASTM F2659.
  • Fastest, most reliable Hygro-i® RH probe for testing to ASTM F2170.
  • Perform multiple tests simultaniously.
  • Re-usable Hygro-i® Relative Humidity probes prove to be the lowest cost per ASTM F2170.
  • Test ambient site conditions of Temperature, RH, Dew Point & Mixing Ratio.
  • Backlit display for ease of reading in low level lighting.
  • Check calibration of RH probes as often as required by standards.
  • Instant surface temperature readings to avoid condensation.


Part Number & Name
Price QTY
Hygro-i® Probe, 1 probe
Hygro-i® Probe, 3-pk.
Hygro-i® Probe, 6-pk.
Hygro-i® Probe, 12-pk.
Hygro-i® Interface Cable
Insulated RH Hood
Concrete Moisture Meter (HC-2994) Calibration Check
Concrete Moisture Meter (HC-2994) Calibration Check Plate
Hygro-i® Probes Hole Liners, 50-pk.
Hygro-i® Probes Hole Liners, 100-pk.
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