Screen Trays and Cloths for Aggregate Screen Shakers

Click on items below to order Screen Trays, Wire Cloth and Round Hole Plate Screens for Gilson Testing Screens, Test-Masters and Porta-Screens— Models: H-4283A, H-4276A, H-4273B, H-4274B, H-4295A, H-4297A.

ASTM sizes are manufactured to comply with wire cloth specifications of ASTM E11 and AASHTO M92. Cloth is designated S for plain steel or SS for stainless steel. Replacement wire cloth is cut to size for specified machines. Trays with cloth No. 16 (1.18mm) and finer incorporate lateral support ribs or coarse backup cloth to support mesh. Backup cloth may be added to trays with or without support ribs as desired. Blank trays (with no cloth) are available, please inquire.

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