Mixer, 5-Qt.

Mixer, 5-Qt.

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Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L), 120V 60HzH-3839
Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L), 120V 60Hz
Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L), 230V 60HzH-3839.2F
Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L), 230V 60Hz
Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L), 230V 50HzH-3839.5F
Mixer, 5-Qt. (4.73L), 230V 50Hz
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Mixer, 5-Qt.

Supports the following standards: ASTM D3551, ASTM D4829, ASTM D5080, ASTM D5102, ASTM D558, ASTM D698

Mixer for mixing material samples. The H-3839 operates on the principle of planetary action where the beater reaches every part of a batch, rotating on its axis in opposite directions as it moves around the bowl. This mixer thoroughly blends, mixes and aerates all ingredients for a consistent, predictable finished batch. Selective agitator transmission has 3 speed settings: 139, 285 and 591 RPM. Direct gear drive and a heavy-duty motor ensure constant mixing speeds under load. A locking hand-lever provides precise raising and lowering of the mixing bowl. Base dimensions: 10.375 x 15" (264 x 381mm). Height: 17" (432mm). The mixer includes a stainless steel bowl, wire whip, dough hook and an aluminum flat beater. It is suggested that a stainless steel beater or a Humboldt extreme-duty whisk be purchased for materials mixing applications for improved beater life.

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